About Us

Iz Gius likes vegetarian sushi, social justice, and the new Harry Styles album (although she is ashamed to admit it to her peers). She is Executive Editor at Polyphony HS and Managing Editor of her school paper. Her writing has been recognized by the Scholastic Awards and published in The Tennessean. She will be studying English & History at the University of Edinburgh this fall. She has two poodles whom she loves dearly, even though one of them is objectively psychotic.

Grace Coberly is a connoisseur of a cappella music and a lifelong supporter of blue cheese. An alum of the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio, she will be participating in the Adroit Journal Mentorship this summer. Her work will appear in Cleaver and Iceview Magazine later in 2017 and has been recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the Young Authors Writing Competition at Columbia College. She will be studying English at Haverford College in the fall. Her dog is a little strange, but not nearly as psychotic as the aforementioned poodle.