Hey there! Welcome to A Young Writer’s Guide to Publishing.

So you’re a young writer (presumably). Maybe you have a collection of poetry or a powerful piece of flash fiction or literally anything in between. What are your next steps? What publishing opportunities are available to you? From the outside looking in, the world of publishing seems scary and impossible to break into. Or at least, that’s how the two of us felt when we decided to write a collection of short stories nearly two years ago. We knew that we wanted the collection to be more than just a shared Google doc, but we had no clue about the self-publishing or traditional publishing routes available to us. And thus, this blog was born! Hopefully our own confusion can help some of you readers in the future.

Expect lots of exciting things to come. We’ll have interviews with outstanding writers and publishers with far more wisdom and experience than ourselves, in addition to our own personal experiences, research, and advice. Hit the Follow button on the bottom left, if you wanna! It’ll keep you in the loop. And feel free to reach out to us using the Contact button up above. We don’t bite! Promise.

Write on,

Grace & Iz

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